The Return of the Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books were once a mainstay for homes across the nation. This type of oversized book was always placed on a sidebar or coffee table and had useful functions. For one, the book was filled with colorful pictures of whatever subject was focused on. And it was these photos of the subject matter that connected the family to the…

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6 Spots Most People Forget to Clean

Keeping your living space clean and tidy is a year-round task, but even the most diligent resident can forget certain out-of-the-way spots that need to be spruced up in their apartment in Sherman Oaks. Here are six common spots that we all forget to clean sometimes! 6 Spots You Might Forget to Clean Ceiling fans. If you think…

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5 Everyday Items That’ll Help You Optimize Storage

Have you ever noticed that the smallest things can make the biggest impact on your life? Sometimes small achievements can mean great successes. Other times, tiny inconveniences can build huge walls of stress. In honor of helping the residents of our Sherman Oaks apartments find creative ways to organize their spaces, we're sharing these everyday items anyone can…

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How to Make Your Own House Fried Rice

Chinese house fried rice is a delicious, classic dish, but making it at home can be even better. We hope our Chase Knolls community members in Sherman Oaks, California, will enjoy these recipe tips. Your House Fried Rice can Rock When you look at a Chinese restaurant menu, there are different types of fried rice. These…

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Planting an Apartment-Style Herb Garden

Those living in Sherman Oaks apartments can add a homey feel to their living space while enjoying the satisfaction and rewards of gardening by planting their own apartment-style herb garden this summer. It is easier than you may think, doesn't require a great deal of space and can add some fresh aromas to your home. You'll also…

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How to Control Your Dog’s Shedding

Even though your pooch is part of your family, one problem that comes with having a dog in your apartment is unwanted dog hair. While shedding often happens year-round, it’s often more of a problem in the spring when dogs blow their winter coat. Although you can’t completely stop shedding, there are some ways to…

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