How to Clean Your Ceiling Fans

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If your idea of the perfect Sherman Oaks, CA apartment includes ceiling fans, then look no further than Chase Knolls. In fact, having ceiling fans can lower your monthly costs by as much as 40 percent. Ceiling fans are easier to clean than you think, but it does take a little knowledge.

The Step Stool Method
If you have a step stool or small ladder handy, then you can clean your ceiling fans with nothing but an old pillowcase. First, make sure the stool is stable before you step up on it. Ideally, you should have someone around to hold it steady just in case.

Slide your pillowcase over the first accessible blade. Once the blade is covered, wrap your hand around the open end of the pillowcase so the fabric makes contact on each side and slide it off.

Once all the blades are clean, use the hem to dust around the base. Now all that is left to do is to dump the dust bunnies safely captured inside the pillowcase into the trash and then throw the slip into the hamper to wash for next time.

The Extender Method
There are alternative methods for cleaning your fans if you would like to avoid climbing up on something. Shop around for an electrostatic duster with an extension arm or long handle like a broom. You can usually get them for less at the local dollar or big box store.

You might want to lay an old sheet on the floor under the fan to catch falling dust before getting started. Slide the duster over each blade, top and bottom, and then around the base.

You can use a long-handled extension on your vacuum cleaner in the same way. Look for an attachment brush that is long and flat to make the job a little easier on your arms, too. Afterward, use the vacuum to clean any rogue dust bunnies that fell while you were cleaning.

If you are looking for Sherman Oaks apartments with unique amenities like ceiling fans, give the office at Chase Knolls a call to schedule a tour.

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