How to Prepare a Pet Evacuation Kit

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Nobody likes to think about the possibility of a natural disaster or other emergency. However, being prepared if you need to evacuate a beloved pet from your home could save their life.  Having a plan in place helps residents of our apartments in Sherman Oaks, CA, stay calm and able to think clearly during an emergency.

When an evacuation is necessary, it’s crucial to communicate clearly with emergency responders and to make sure someone knows where you are if you have to leave the immediate area. A pet evacuation kit is an essential element for protecting an animal during this time. Be sure to store it in a portable container that’s waterproof and place it near an exit. Your pet evacuation kit should include these items:

Food and Medications
Include up to a week’s worth of canned wet food and a 14-day supply of medications. Be sure to rotate these items periodically while storing the kit. It should also include liquid soap, a week’s worth of water and dishes for food and water.

First Aid Kit
Important items include an anti-diarrheal, cotton bandages, tape, scissors, antibiotic ointment, alcohol pads and latex gloves. Also pack tweezers, towel, washcloth, saline and a flea and tick preventative.

Sanitary Supplies
In addition to litter and a litter pan, you’ll need a scoop, trash bags, paper towels and newspapers. Include chlorine bleach to disinfect.

Copies of pet ID papers and those verifying ownership are important. Also include emergency contacts, a pet photo, health records and instructions for medications.

Travel Accessories
Your kit should contain a pet crate or carrier with owner contact information, an extra collar or harness equipped with identification tags, a leash and a flashlight with extra batteries. A muzzle is also useful for some pets.

Favorite Possessions
Be sure to pack your pet’s favorite treats and toys. A familiar blanket or piece of bedding brings pets comfort.

Residents of our pet-friendly Sherman Oaks apartments consider their furry companions members of the family. Following these tips helps keep pets safe when an evacuation is necessary. Be sure to give us a call today to learn more about our apartments and which floor plan best meets your needs.

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