Tips for Cleaning Your Ceramic Tile Bath

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Who doesn’t love the crisp look of a ceramic tile bath? At our apartments in Sherman Oaks, CA, they are undoubtedly an eye-catching feature. Keeping them looking their best and free of mold and mildew requires regular cleaning and sealing while avoiding harsh cleansers and tools. Here are four handy tips for getting the job done and keeping your ceramic tile looking its best.

Gather Your Supplies
Save time by gathering all the supplies you’ll need in one spot. These six items form a basic set: a soft sponge, a pH-neutral cleanser, a squeegee or a towel as an alternative, grout cleaner, a grout brush or a toothbrush and a stain-resistant sealer.

Prevent Damage From Mold and Mildew
This starts with drying the tile after every use. Removing water with a squeegee or a towel helps prevent grout from getting moldy or pitted from minerals in water. During regular cleaning, forgo products that are abrasive in favor of a pH-neutral cleanser applied with a sponge. A grout brush or a toothbrush is ideal for applying it between tiles. While some people use white vinegar in water for cleaning, experts don’t recommend this due to acid content.

Deep Clean for Stains and Mold
Using a soft brush with an alkaline cleanser gets rid of stains, water marks and soap scum. Tile should be rinsed with warm water, then dried completely. Try grout cleaner on a brush for stubborn spots.

Perform Regular Maintenance
To protect against damage from water- or oil-based liquids, treat a tile surround with a penetrating sealer that’s stain-resistant. This is the ideal way to help prevent discoloration caused by some bath and shower products. In general, you need to do this yearly. However, for best results, be sure to check the instructions on the sealant for the recommended application interval.

Residents love the fact that the floor plans of our Sherman Oaks apartments feature ceramic tile baths. A regular cleaning schedule using these tips frees time for exploring our beautiful 14-acre property. Be sure to call us today to find out more about our apartments, designated a cultural-historical monument, and learn which floor plan is the best choice for you.

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