How to Control Your Dog’s Shedding

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Even though your pooch is part of your family, one problem that comes with having a dog in your apartment is unwanted dog hair. While shedding often happens year-round, it’s often more of a problem in the spring when dogs blow their winter coat. Although you can’t completely stop shedding, there are some ways to control the problem.

Tips for Controlling Fido’s Shedding
Try using the following tips to minimize shedding and remove hair so it doesn’t become a huge problem in your apartment.

Tip #1 – Brush Daily
While some dogs may not need to be brushed daily year-round, consistent brushing can be a huge help when your dog is shedding their winter coat. Brushing removes extra hair so it’s less likely to end up on furniture, and it improves your dog’s coat as well. It’s also important to make sure you’re using the right brush for your dog’s coat.

Tip #2 – Remove Dog Hair Promptly
Once hair embeds itself into upholstery fabric, it’s tough to get out. Be proactive about removing dog hair in your apartment. Using a pet hair roller regularly and vacuuming every couple of days can help you get rid of the excess hair that does end up on furniture and floors.

Tip #3 – Choose the Right Pet Food
The health of your dog’s coat can be linked to the food their eating. High-quality food that is high in protein can help your dog have a healthier coat and reduce shedding. Adding a fatty acid supplement to your dog’s diet can improve their coat health as well.

Tip #4 – Don’t Forget Checkups
Certain diseases can affect your dog’s coat and skin, and some may cause excessive shedding. Be sure to take your dog in to the veterinarian for regular checkups to make sure there are no underlying health problems that are causing excessive shedding.

With proper grooming, good food, and some simple cleanup, you can control your dog’s shedding this spring. If you have a friend who has a dog, we offer pet-friendly Sherman Oaks apartments. Have them call us today to learn more about what our community has to offer.

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