Planting an Apartment-Style Herb Garden

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BasilThose living in Sherman Oaks apartments can add a homey feel to their living space while enjoying the satisfaction and rewards of gardening by planting their own apartment-style herb garden this summer. It is easier than you may think, doesn't require a great deal of space and can add some fresh aromas to your home. You'll also love adding these fresh herbs to your recipes.

First, you'll want to choose the herbs that you will actually use. Choose from parsley, sage, thyme, rosemary, mint, oregano or others. All of these will grow pretty well indoors with temperatures in the 70's.

Where to Plant?

Choose an area that gets plenty of sun. A kitchen can be ideal, and counter space can serve well as a growing area. While you can easily plant herbs in small planters or even large cups, this can take up horizontal counter-top space. You may want to consider some vertical growing options. You'll want to keep your herb garden away from air conditioning vents that may blow too much cold air on them.

How Do I Plant an Herb Garden?

Planting an herb garden is as simple as getting containers like small planting pots, topsoil and the seeds of your choice. Fill the containers about ¾ full of potting soil, add some seeds and cover with a light layer of potting soil. Add a little bit of water, and in days, your seeds should begin to germinate. You can help them get started by covering the tops of the pots with a plastic bag to create a miniature greenhouse. If you want to accelerate your apartment-style herb garden, lawn and garden stores sell herbs that have already been started and may just need replanting. Pro-tip: Label your plants so you know which plant is which. This is particularly important if you are a novice and can't yet identify herbs by appearance.


Indoor herb gardens can be planted just about any time of the year, as long as indoor temperatures are kept moderate. Get started today and you'll soon be enjoying fresh herbs in your apartment.

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