5 Everyday Items That’ll Help You Optimize Storage

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Clear JarsHave you ever noticed that the smallest things can make the biggest impact on your life? Sometimes small achievements can mean great successes. Other times, tiny inconveniences can build huge walls of stress.

In honor of helping the residents of our Sherman Oaks apartments find creative ways to organize their spaces, we're sharing these everyday items anyone can use to optimize storage!

1. Cord-Corralling Toilet Paper Rolls

If wires are getting the best of you, repurpose toilet paper rolls to keep cord clutter at bay. Neatly wrap a cord in an oblong fashion and slide it through a toilet paper tube until the cardboard is in the middle of the cord. Voilà! Instant organization!

2. Hanging Shoe Organizers

Really, every room in your house could use a hanging shoe organizer. They offer incredible, affordable uses for vertical space. Here are some shoe rack storage ideas:

  • Bathrooms: Makeup, cleaning products, shower essentials, medication & first-aid items
  • Kids' Rooms: Toys, trinkets, arts & crafts supplies
  • Kitchen: Spice containers, dish rags, towels
  • Bedroom: Hair ties, bobby pins, aromatherapy sheet spray, pillowcases

3. Laundry Room Cookie Jars & Tea Pitchers

Cookie jars are meant to be seen, but they don't have to be stuck in the kitchen. Embrace the beauty of clean linens by putting your laundry detergent on display. Clear cookie jars are perfect containers for laundry pods. For easy access to bleach, soap and fabric softener, pour the liquids into glass iced tea dispensers; all you need to do is flip the spout to dispense.

4. Ice Cube Tray Innovations

Keep your drawers from taking on a new life by letting all the little stuff have its own space. Ice cube trays make awesome drawer organizers. With everything in its place, you can easily grab the stuff you need and go without enduring the frustrating follies typically associated with bathroom drawer hunting and gathering.

5. Command Hook Helpers

Never underestimate the power of a strong-hold sticky hook! If you're tired of fumbling through your cabinets to find your favorite corded devices, look to the power of Command strips to hold on to your items in hidden storage spots without damaging anything in your living space!

From clothes care centers to controlled access covered parking, Chase Knolls Garden Apartments is here to ensure you enjoy a happy living space. Call our office today to discover floor plans that will help you optimize your living space!

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