6 Spots Most People Forget to Clean

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Cleaning SuppliesKeeping your living space clean and tidy is a year-round task, but even the most diligent resident can forget certain out-of-the-way spots that need to be spruced up in their apartment in Sherman Oaks. Here are six common spots that we all forget to clean sometimes!

6 Spots You Might Forget to Clean

  • Ceiling fans. If you think a ceiling fan doesn't need to be cleaned occasionally, then you've probably never looked at one when it's turned off. Ceiling fans are a dust magnet, so be sure to give yours a little TLC approximately every other month.
  • Light fixtures, door knobs, and switches. We constantly put our hands on light switches, door knobs, and fixtures. In fact, most people do this from time to time when their hands are not clean. Wipe them down with a disinfectant to keep them clean and germ-free.
  • Top of the refrigerator. Unless you're tall enough to see the top of your refrigerator on a daily basis, you probably don't realize that there is an entire forest of dust bunnies up there. Get out your footstool or stepladder to reach up and remove all the dust.
  • Bonus fridge tip. Vacuum around the base of your refrigerator in the front and back. Slide it out from the wall far enough to reach the base in the back where the fridge's coils and condenser fans are located. These areas collect a lot of dust, and believe it or not, if you vacuum there twice a year, it will reduce your monthly electric bill.
  • Back of the closet. Your closet looks perfectly clean, right? Actually, in the very back of the closet near the base of the wall (in those darkest corners) it tends to collect dust and cobwebs that you can't always see. Reach the vacuum hose into those corners to take care of them.
  • Window rails. The rails that your windows slide along collect both dust and moisture. This can gum up the railing and make it difficult to slide the window open if you never clean it. (Plus, it gets gross if you let it go long enough!)

Those are some of the top spots that people forget to clean during their regular apartment chore routine. If you have loved ones or friends who are looking to move right now, have them contact our leasing office at (877) 712-7918 to see what we have available at our Sherman Oaks apartments

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