The Return of the Coffee Table Book

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Coffee Table BookCoffee table books were once a mainstay for homes across the nation. This type of oversized book was always placed on a sidebar or coffee table and had useful functions. For one, the book was filled with colorful pictures of whatever subject was focused on. And it was these photos of the subject matter that connected the family to the book. A clever way to showcase a favorite family vacation spot is with a coffee table book, such as Portrait of San Francisco. Spruce up your space with a coffee table book!

Social Aspects of the Coffee Table Book

Often, the coffee table book held interesting pictures and facts about a beloved hobby or collectible item of a person. Cigarette lighters, classic automobiles, World War II airplanes, collectible dolls and stunning orchids are examples of topics featured in full-color, large edition coffee table books. Coffee table books not only showcased a person's interests, they also functioned as a conversation starter during awkward moments of silence or when guests needed a distraction when their host was away.

Today, coffee table books are rightfully deemed as collectible items themselves. You will find famous photographers of days past who published their works in the form of a coffee table book. Today, these books are rare (if found in excellent condition) and can be worth a lot of money. Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams, Chanel and Marilyn Monroe are subjects of collectible photography books.

The Revival of the Coffee Table Book

The coffee table book is making a comeback with modern subject categories, such as architecture and interior decor. Maybe your favorite interests can be found featured in a full-color book to display on your coffee table. With enhanced graphics rendering and current printing technology, today's books are not only beautiful, they are breathtaking. New York Magazine has curated some of the Best Coffee Table Books to Give in 2018 to help you get started with your holiday shopping.

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