3 Tips That Will Help You Be More Mindful in Your Daily Life

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Walking OutdoorsMindfulness is the practice of living in the present and being grateful for what you have. That means you don't dwell on the past or worry about what the future may or may not bring. Mindfulness, thus, is both an easy and a hard concept for most people to incorporate into their lives.

It's easy because all you have to do is concentrate on what is going on in the present. But it's difficult because it's natural to let one's mind wander away from the here and now, and to start stressing about the future or to fret about past mistakes. So, to help you stay more mindful in your daily life, try following these three tips.

Create a Sanctuary in Your Apartment

It's hard to be mindful if you're constantly being distracted. So that's why you should create a serene area in your apartment that will allow you to be more present in the moment. The area should have a soothing appearance, not cluttered or distracting. And, ideally, it should be a quiet space so that you can concentrate on the things you are grateful for.

Take a Walk

If you're feeling down or stressed, go for a walk outside and try to stay in the moment. Start by concentrating on each breath you take, feeling it enter and leave your lungs. Listen to the birds and the insects, and feel the air touch your face. Make sure to really look at each tree, flower, and plant that you pass. 

Spend Time With Your Pet

Dogs and cats are excellent reminders to live in the moment. For example, dogs love to see your face, even if you were only gone for a few hours. They don't let the past lessen the way they feel about you now. You can also practice mindfulness by being really present for your pet. For instance, don't let yourself get distracted by your phone while you play with your pet.

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