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LampshadeThere are many sizes, styles, and types of lamps that serve a double purpose of ambient or task lighting and as a decorative element in the room. For such a basic item consisting of only three parts—the base, lamp shade, and light fixture—household lamps can be used to add a dramatic or creative flair to any room.

DIY lampshades are a fun way to repurpose spare fabrics or give a new look to an old lamp. You can create your own ultra modern or shabby chic lamp or even a retro lamp inspired by your grandmother's home with just a few basic materials.

3 DIY Lampshade Ideas for Your Home

Floral Fabric Lampshade

If you have a neutral base lamp, either a matte black or a white lamp base, recover the old lampshade with a bold floral print. Remove the trim from an old lamp but leave the original material intact. Measure out the length of the new material by marking a start point and rolling along the fabric until you reach that point again. This is the amount of material that you will cut — except you will add 1 inch of additional material for folding over and tightly adhering to the original using a fabric adhesive.

Repurpose an Old Sweater

If you have an old stylish sweater (preferably cotton) that is no longer wearable for some reason, you can easily repurpose it as a chic lampshade. Simply pull the sweater over the old lampshade and trim off the excess, leaving a 1-inch surplus. Once you have the sweater evenly positioned, use hot glue on the inner surface to seal the hem all around the top and bottom.

String Beads for Elegance

You can use strings of crystals, wooden beads, charms, or colored beads to cover an existing lampshade, with or without removing the original fabric. To remove the old shade, just take off all fabric and clip off all wiring except the top and/or bottom wires which you will use for attaching the strings. If using crystal, then removing the old fabric is best as the crystals will provide an interesting refraction of light.

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