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Picnic The beauty of a picnic is that all it takes is a blanket, a piece of grass, and some food. When you live in our Sherman Oaks apartments a picnic is a terrific way to get away. Of course, the more enjoyable the green space and the more special the contents of the picnic basket, the better a picnic will be.

Picnic Basket Items

If you want an amazing picnic, start with well-thought-out contents for your picnic basket.

  1. Grapes. Grapes just may be the perfect picnic snack. They hold up well, don't cause a mess, and are easy to eat!

  2. A small cheese plate. A small cheese plate with three or four choices of cheese is sure to impress. Cheese also happens to go very well with grapes!

  3. A chocolate sampler. Like a small cheese plate, a small chocolate sampler can be a big hit, as long as it is kept cool. Include some milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even white chocolate to nibble on. Ambitious picnic goers may want to create a chocolate, cheese, and grape plate.

  4. Quality disposable plates and plastic ware. No matter what your main course, you'll want to serve it on a quality disposable plate that will hold up and provide heavy-duty utensils. Do not settle for less.

  5. Premium beverages. Whether it is a bottle of wine or premium craft sodas, make sure the beverages you bring are as special as everything else. Bring appropriate glassware.

  6. Italian or Greek salads. Step up your salad game from the routine potato or macaroni salad for a more exotic Greek or Italian pasta salad. You'll also bypass potentially problematic mayonnaise.

  7. Quality sandwiches. You can still serve sandwiches as your main course but provide quality ingredients and substitute bread with croissants. A little change can make a big difference!

  8. Cloth napkins. You've gone this far so don't settle for paper napkins or towels. Pack real cloth napkins for that added flair.

  9. A sweet treat for dessert. It doesn't have to be big or fancy, but make sure there is a small sweet treat to close out your picnic.

Making Life More Enjoyable

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