Things to Have on Hand if There is a Power Outage

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FlashlightBeing without power can create a tense situation. If you live in Sherman Oaks, California, and want to find an apartment that is as comfortable as possible and provides the amenities you need in any situation, then look no further than Chase Knolls. At Chase Knolls Apartments, our spacious floor plans and ample storage make it easy to stay prepared for an emergency.

Create an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit should include everything you need for approximately three days time. A few of the items are:

  • Nonperishable food supply, enough for three days.
  • Flashlight. 
  • Extra batteries.
  • At least three gallons of water.
  • Candles.
  • First aid kit.
  • List of emergency phone numbers for utilities.

Family members may have specific needs that will require certain items to be included. Keeping these things on hand will allow you to remain comfortable until the power comes back on. 

Alternate Power Source 

One of the biggest problems people face in this technologically advanced world is how to live without their electronics, especially if the power goes out and there is no way to charge a phone or tablet. Purchase a solar-powered charger that allows you to charge your phone or other electronics even when the power is out. If you have medical devices that need to be operated by electricity, it might be a good idea to invest in a small battery-operated generator. This will allow you to power your devices as well as keep your medical equipment functioning until the power is back on. 

If you want to find the perfect apartment in Sherman Oaks, California, look no further than Chase Knolls. Spacious rooms give you a large living area where you can be as comfortable as possible. The modern design of the apartments allows for a convenient, stress-free lifestyle. Our amenities such as washer/dryer, ample closets, spacious dining area, and more ensure this. Even when the power goes out, you can live comfortably if you've made the proper preparations. Call and view the floor plan of your new apartment today!

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