3 Safe Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog

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Dog in CostumeMany of us do everything with our dogs, including going out on Halloween in costume. That’s why we’re providing residents of our Chase Knolls Apartments in Sherman Oaks, CA, with some ideas that should be both safe and fun for our loyal furry friends.

Little Red Riding Hood

All you need is a red cape and lots of sass and attitude. Look for a red cape made from breathable material. You’ll also want to make sure the collar’s designed to fit loosely around your dog’s neck. It should leave them moving their neck freely and cause no issues with breathing.

Avoid anything that clasps tightly or doesn’t allow for adjustments for your pet’s neck size. Check the length of the cape and make sure it’s not going to get tangled up in your dog’s legs. Find a companion for the night if you can and slap an old-fashioned grandma’s hat on their head. You’ll have your Big Bad Wolf to go along with your Red Riding Hood for the night!

A Frighteningly Adorable Mummy

All you need is some loose medical gauze and a patient pet. We recommend wrapping only a few pieces around their head for effect. Keep away from the eyes to keep their vision unobstructed. Avoid placing any around your dog’s neck because, again, we don’t ever want anything to get in the way of their breathing.

Carefully pin a few pieces around their shoulders and across their chest for effect. Avoid having any pieces dangling around their legs, leaving them able to walk freely. Try adding some pet-safe red dye on the bandages if you want a more ghoulish effect.

One Tough Cowboy

Get into the spirit of the Old West by dressing your dog up as a cowboy. It doesn’t take much to transform your beloved pooch into the toughest outlaw in your complex.

Costume pieces needed:

  • Black shawl
  • Black cowboy hat
  • Black patterned bandana

Make sure you place the shawl and bandana in such a way that your pet can still walk and run freely. Adjust the chin strap on your hat to keep it from constricting your dog’s airway. If you’re not into bad guys, switch out the black for a lighter color scheme and pin a toy star to the scarf. They can go from an outlaw to a sheriff just like that!

We want community members in our Chase Knolls Apartments in Sherman Oaks, CA, to have a safe and happy Halloween! Call us for more tips at (877) 712-7918.

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