Easy Ways to Create a Coffee Shop Atmosphere in Your Apartment

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Coffee MugNothing thrills you quite like the ambience of a coffee shop. This unique environment provides a balance between social and private, while inspiring you with lovely scents, sounds and decor. Unfortunately, those constant trips to the coffee shop can start to drain your budget. The good news? It’s possible to create a similar environment. Follow these tips to transform your Sherman Oaks apartment into your coffee shop replacement:

5 Tricks for Making Your Apartment Feel Like a Coffee Shop

  • Master the art of the DIY latte. Perhaps you find it difficult to give up that coffee shop latte that you always crave. With the right equipment, however, you can enjoy your own version whenever you want. A simple option: Heat half a cup of milk in the microwave and use a small whisk to make it frothy. Pour the milk into a mug with your favorite blend of coffee. This method works best with strongly brewed coffee, ideally from an AeroPress. 
  • Play songs that remind you of your favorite coffee shop. Have you noticed that coffee shops always play the best music? It’s relaxing, and yet, it doesn’t put you to sleep. Craft your own playlist using songs you remember hearing in the coffee shop, or better yet, find a coffee shop-inspired playlist on Spotify.
  • Use chalkboards as decor. Perhaps you’ve never noticed how integral a role chalkboards play at your local coffee shop. You would, however, miss them if they were to disappear. Recreate this feel in your home by displaying chalkboards, perhaps with notes from friends or chalk drawings.
  • Invest in coffee-themed artwork or decor. Why not pay homage to your favorite beverage with a painting, photo or figurine? Place a few coffee-themed works of art on display wherever you typically enjoy your daily cup of joe.
  • Show off your coffee mugs. If you’re like a typical coffee lover, you currently own quite a few mugs. Display them on your counter or on a special shelving system.

A few small touches can make your apartment just as relaxing as your favorite coffee shop. Create your own drinks and decorate your apartment—you’ll never want to leave!

At Chase Knolls, we understand the value of a homey setting. Reach out to us to learn more about our available floor plans and apartment amenities.

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