How to Make Your Apartment Unique

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Chase Knolls living roomWhen you live in an apartment, it can be an exciting time to make your home unique to you. Check with your landlord to find out what you can use to hang things up, or if you can put up shelves. Ask permission before you make any changes to your space to save yourself future aggravation. As an apartment dweller, you can have a wonderful-looking space when you take the time to pay attention to the colors and furniture you choose.

Make Your Space Unique

If you live in an apartment, it's fun to make your space unique. Use your furnishings to create a space that you can enjoy. Look for ways to create areas in your space using well-placed furniture. While you don't want to overwhelm your home with too much furniture, look for ways to use furniture to design your space. A well-designed reading area or a screened-out office space can give your apartment the look you want.

Use Color With Flair

When it comes to trying to make your apartment unique, color matters. There are many ways you can incorporate color into your space. Think about window treatments, accent pillows and rugs. Try to incorporate elements of the room by using coordinating colors. Don't be afraid to use a bold color to make your space pop.

Avoid Generic Furniture

You can make your apartment look great, even on a budget. Take the time to look for pieces of furniture that you love from thrift stores, tag sales or auctions. While you can probably buy any item of furniture you may want from the nearest big box store, keep in mind that cheaply made furniture often looks boring and routine. If you are going for unique, stay away from pressboard shelving and bookcases and look for furniture that is sturdier.

Take the time to enjoy decorating your apartment and use your creative side. If you are looking for apartments in Sherman Oaks, it's time to give us a call at Chase Knolls Apartments and see what floor plans and amenities we have to offer.

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