3 Methods for Cleaning Wine or Juice Stains

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Wine StainWhen you live in our Sherman Oaks apartments, you want to enjoy the beauty of your home. The problem is that certain liquids like wine or juice may leave stains on your floors and furniture. By learning how to remove unsightly stains, you will enjoy your home and will feel comfortable when accidents cause new stains.

Blot the Liquid

The first step of cleaning up wine or juice from any surface, including your wooden floors, is removing the liquid. Blot the wine or juice as soon as you notice the stain. If you spilled the beverage, then you want to clean it as soon as you can get a paper towel or a clean towel. Set the towel on the liquid and remove as much as possible before it has time for the stain to set.

If you are cleaning the stain from an upholstered piece of furniture, then blot the area with a dry cloth and then use a cool wet cloth to further blot the stain. Fabrics will stain easier than other materials, even when you clean the liquid as soon as it spills.

Use Baking Soda

Make a baking soda paste with baking soda and mineral oil. You want the paste to have a thick consistency that is similar to toothpaste. Put the paste directly on the stained area. Baking soda is safe for most wood, so it is a good choice if you spilled on wooden furniture or your floors. 

Do not use water when making a baking soda paste for your wooden floors or other wood furniture. If you are trying to remove a stain from upholstery or other fabrics, then use water to make the paste. Add the liquid to the baking soda one drop at a time to create a thick mixture. Allow the paste to sit and then use a wet cloth to gently remove it. You can repeat the process if the stain does not come up the first time.

Consider Specialized Treatments

The final strategy for stain removal after spilling juice or wine on the floors of our apartments in Sherman Oaks is to use a specialized cleaning agent. On wood floors, you can use a wood floor cleaner. Follow the instructions for the specific cleaning agent. If you spilled on a fabric, then use a stain removing cleaner that is safe for the specific type of fabric. 

Cleaning up juice or wine stains starts with removing the staining liquid. You can use natural cleaning agents like baking soda to remove the initial stain and then use more specialized cleaners for persistent stains. To learn more about our available floor plans, contact us today.

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