5 Entertainment Tips for Small Parties

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KaraokeWhen you decide to entertain a small party, you want to make the event interesting for your guests. Having a few ideas for entertainment in our Sherman Oaks apartments will help you plan out the event and keep your guests engaged.

Set Up for Karaoke

Karaoke is a fun way to bring guests together and enjoy a party with your friends. You can rent a karaoke machine, or you can consider a machine that connects to your entertainment system. A rented machine allows you to enjoy a wide array of songs that are pre-loaded into the machine. Your guests can enjoy singing their favorite songs and laughing at their friends.

Consider an Event Wall

An event wall can be a fun way to keep your guests interested in your party. By setting up a wall that is similar to a red carpet background or a fun event style with your company logo on it, you can encourage your guests to stop and take a few photos. It is a fun way to bring your guests together and give them a chance to experience the red carpet treatment.

Get Character Sketches of Your Guest

A character sketch is a fun way to bring out laughter at a party. You can hire a professional to make character sketches of your guests during the event. By hiring a professional, you can feel confident in the quality of the images. It will make your guests laugh at the silly images while also providing a fun way to enjoy part of your party.

Become a Fortune Teller

Fortune-telling is a fun activity at any time. Take advantage of the mystery surrounding the idea of telling fortunes and set up a small table with a crystal ball or tarot cards that you use to tell the fortunes of your guests. For a fun way to make the fortune-telling event interesting, tell them something surprising, funny or unexpected during their time at your table.

Consider a Costume Party

A costume party is always a fun way to enjoy a small party. Tell your guests to dress up as their favorite character from a popular show or from a book. Use the costume party as a theme to encourage discussion or to break the ice between new friends in your home.

Small parties do not need to be boring events that focus on card games. You can make the event more interesting by setting up unique entertainment options and encouraging your guests to take part in the activities. To learn more about our apartments in Sherman Oaks or to see an available floor plan, contact us today.

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