Quick Tips for Cooking Healthy Meals on a Budget

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Plan out your meals
Purchasing healthy foods can be expensive, and when you’re on a budget, it can be tougher to try to plan healthy meals. There are, however, many ways you can save while still serving up healthy meals in your Sherman Oaks apartments. 

Plan Ahead  

Put together meals a week in advance and then make a list of the ingredients to pick up on your next grocery run. Only purchase what you need, so you don’t waste money on food that you might end up throwing away. 


Buy In Season 

In-season produce is nearly always cheaper. Figure out what time of year your fruits or veggies grow in your area and stock up. Remember, you can freeze extra produce and pull it out when you need it for a recipe in the future.  


Purchase Items in Bulk 

Buy in bulk whenever possible. Nuts, grains, and beans can all be purchased in large quantities, and you’ll save on buying more as long as you store them appropriately so they last. Bulk frozen veggies and fruits are great investments, too. They’re frozen at peak ripeness, so they’re packed with flavor and nutrients. 


Watch the Sales  

Grocery stores run sales weekly, so pay attention to what deals are happening and plan your meals based on those half-priced items. Coupons and other discounts can help reduce what you’re spending, too. 


Use Leftovers 

Cooking larger meals can save you time and money. Use leftovers for dinner later that week or take them to work for a cheaper alternative to lunch. 


Avoid Shopping When Hungry 

Sticking to your meal plan and your grocery list is critical to staying within your budget, so avoid shopping when hungry. It’s easier to make impulse buys when your stomach is growling while you shop. 


Purchase Whole Foods

Going with a less-processed form of food can cut your costs in half. For example, it’s cheaper to purchase a block of cheese than it is to buy shredded cheese. Whole grains, like oats and brown rice, are usually less expensive than most boxed sugary cereals. 


It is possible to eat healthy foods while sticking to a tight budget when you keep these tips in mind as you plan your meals. If you're looking for apartments in Sherman Oaks, contact our office for more information.

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