A Quick History on New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year
A Quick History on New Year's Resolutions 

Happy New Year! It’s going to be a great year for residents at Chase Knolls Apartments in Sherman Oaks, CA. If you’re like many people, you celebrate the New Year by setting resolutions. The team at Chase Knolls Apartments in Sherman Oaks resolves to provide the ultimate in style, convenience, and comfort for those who call our apartments home in 2019!

While we all have fun, have you ever wondered why we make resolutions every New Year’s Day? The custom of making New Year’s resolutions was established thousands of years ago, but it was a little different than our current tradition. The first New Year’s celebration and resolutions were made by the ancient Babylonians during their new year that began in March when crops were planted.

During this 12-day religious festival called Akitu, the Babylonians chose a new king and made promises to the gods for payment for their debts and to return anything they borrowed over the past year. These early promises were considered the first New Year’s resolutions. If these promises were kept, the pagan gods would grace them with a wonderful year ahead. Those who did not keep their promises would suffer an unfavorable year.

Similar celebrations in ancient Rome were held when Julius Caesar changed the calendar and declared January 1st to mark the new year. They believed that the spirit of Janus, their two-faced god, inhabited arches and doorways, and thought he symbolically looked back into the previous year as well as ahead into the new year. Romans offered sacrifices and promises of good behavior for the new year to stay in his good graces. The celebration continues today with 45% of Americans making New Year’s resolutions each January. While the tradition remains good fun, only 8% actually keep their resolutions!

If your resolution in the New Year is to move into great new apartments in Sherman Oaks with plenty of space and loads of amenities, you are in luck! Chase Knolls Apartments has spacious floor plans in a beautifully landscaped community. Contact us today to learn more!

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