Get Rid of Winter Blues With These 3 Exercises

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Finding the motivation to stay fit by going to the gym can be hard during the winter. Since we want to keep members of our Chase Knolls Sherman Oaks, CA apartments in the best shape possible, we’re offering up these three exercises you can perform in the comfort of own space. Try doing them a couple of times a week to help get your blood pumping and reach that goal.

Jumping Jacks

It’s an oldie, but such a goodie when it comes to working out your entire body. Jumping jacks work muscles like your glutes, triceps, hamstrings, and quads with each one you do. They help you gain coordination along with a better sense of balance and rhythm. You’ll be surprised at the flexibility you gain from doing them frequently!

Muscles Worked:

  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Abs
  • Triceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Chest Muscles
  • Biceps

Try starting with two to three sets of 10 each, then add on as your endurance increases. Be careful to watch your heart rate. Stop if you start feeling dizzy or have sharp pains in your side.


The social media craze may have passed, but the benefits still live on. Planks do wonders in building up core muscles like your abs, glutes, and back. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just a clear spot on the floor and a little willpower. Place your hands shoulder-width apart and push yourself off the floor. You can use your knees for support until you feel strong enough to balance on your toes.

Keep your body straight to get the most benefit from the exercise. It’s best to have a stopwatch or other timer to get yourself started and track your progress. Do your best to get to 30-second planks. From there see how much longer you can hold your pose!

Jump Rope

Don’t be so quick to dismiss this as a game for kids. Jumping rope provides a great cardio workout for just the cost of a jump rope. Make sure your rope is long enough to swing over your head and under your feet comfortably. You don’t want to get tripped up by not having the right length.

Start with 10 minutes, then work your way up. Add variety and make it harder by doing it with both feet pressed together, or just one foot. Do whatever you can to keep it challenging!


Exercise helps us gain the energy and strength to make it through long days. Looking for your next place of residence, call Chase Knolls Apartments at (877) 712-7918 to schedule a tour!

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