4 Fun Party Games for Your Next Get-Together

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When you have guests over to your apartments in Sherman Oaks, it’s likely they’ll enjoy the delicious meal you've prepared. Here are some fun party game ideas to keep the festivities going!

Murder Mystery

You don’t have to go out to enjoy a murder mystery game. Make one yourself with just a deck of index cards. On each card, write out a personality profile. For instance, one can be a butler. Write three descriptive words for the butler, such as stoic, obedient and mysterious. Make cards like this for each member of your get-together. On one, place a small red X. This means that whoever gets that card is the murderer. Next, write out a simple scenario in which there is a victim. Describe the setting and action. Each guest will get a copy. At your party, everyone gets to ask questions of one another to determine the perpetrator. 


Charades is always a fun party game to play, but it’s even more fun when you have a theme. The theme can be anything at all, such as holidays or sports. Make the game even more challenging by having the player who’s miming keep one hand behind their back. 

Musical Notes

If you’ve ever seen the game “Name That Tune,” you’ll know this game of musical notes can be so much fun. Fill a bowl with pieces of paper with the names of songs written on them. Have a guest pull out one of the slips of paper. They have to hum three or four notes of the song, and everyone tries to guess the title. If you have enough guests, you can split people into teams to add a bit of competition to the game. Then see which team can guess the song in the fewest number of notes. 

Who Am I?

Have guests stick a piece of paper to their foreheads with the name of a famous person on it. They have to guess who they are by asking other guests questions. This is a fun game that will result in lots of laughter.

To see just how fun it can be to entertain in Sherman Oaks apartments, please contact us today!

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