Growing Nutritious Container Microgreens

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Tips for Growing Microgreens

You can certainly grow your own container microgreens right in your Sherman Oaks apartment home! Here are a few tips to get started:

Cut Drain Holes in a Shallow Container

Microgreens only need about 2 inches of depth, and they must have good drainage. Shallow greenhouse trays from your local home and garden store will work perfectly.

Mix a Quality Soil

The better the soil mix, the higher the nutrient content you will gain from your microgreens. Choose organic soil and preferably a seedling mix that does not contain too much peat moss for best results.

Buy Organic Microgreen Seeds

Choose microgreen seeds that have not been treated with chemicals and are organic and non-GMO. Today you can find seed mixtures to suit your taste buds, such as spicy or mild or a basic salad mix.

Choose a Warm Place for Growing

After densely sprinkling your seeds on top of your soil, cover them with a light dusting of soil, moisten with water and cover the container with a piece of plastic wrap. Place the container in a warm location but not in direct sunlight.

Keep Seedlings Warm and Moist

Your microgreens will begin to germinate within 5 to 7 days if you keep the soil moist and the container away from any cold air. Once they sprout, you should remove the plastic and move them to a sunnier spot such as a windowsill or under a fluorescent grow light.

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