Simple Holiday Wreaths to Make at Home

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We've all been dazzled by spectacular holiday wreaths in magazines and department stores. You could spend a lot of time and money trying to replicate them at home, but it's much more fun to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from your own imagination. So, roll up your sleeves and show Southern California that apartments in Sherman Oaks are anything but ordinary when it comes to celebrating the holidays with creative spunk and spirit.

Circles of Love

The most common form of holiday wreath is a circular shape adorned with any number of earthy or shiny embellishments. You could buy a preformed Styrofoam circle at a craft store, but it's certainly not necessary. Let your imagination go wild and choose everyday items with round shapes, and then turn them into quirky door or wall wreaths. Think life preservers draped with a nautical-themed bow, bundt pans coated in glitter and faux jewels, embroidery hoops, or even a decorated toilet seat. 

Bountiful Basket Wreaths

It's likely you have an odd assortment of baskets tossed into corners, closets and cubbyholes. Give them center stage during the holiday season by using them as a base for creative wreaths. Start by nailing the bottom of the basket to your door, and then fill it with anything you want. It can be family mementos, store-bought ornaments, marbles, toy trucks, movie-themed figurines, Mardi Gras beads, pirate's booty, or whatever your imagination dares to dream up. Adorn it with bows, berries or ribbons secured with floral wire. For a successful finished product, choose a theme and build upon it as you go.

Footloose and Fancy-free

Have a stompin' good time making wreaths from your favorite footwear. Grab a pair of old skates, either from your closet or a local thrift shop, and tie the shoestrings together. Then loop the string over a nail on your wall, and stuff each skate with sprays of evergreen leaves. Decorate the greenery with small multi-colored balls, bows or tinkling bells. You can also create wreaths using cowboy boots, baseball cleats, golf shoes or ballerina slippers.

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