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Caring For Pets During Winter

While the weather in San Diego doesn’t dip to the severe cold extremes as our neighboring states to the north or mid-west, you still want to make sure your pet stays healthy and comfortable during the winter. We hope that providing these tips to members of our Chase Knolls Sherman Oaks, CA apartments helps owners keep their…

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3 Safe Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog

Many of us do everything with our dogs, including going out on Halloween in costume. That’s why we’re providing residents of our Chase Knolls Apartments in Sherman Oaks, CA, with some ideas that should be both safe and fun for our loyal furry friends. Little Red Riding Hood All you need is a red cape and…

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How to Control Your Dog’s Shedding

Even though your pooch is part of your family, one problem that comes with having a dog in your apartment is unwanted dog hair. While shedding often happens year-round, it’s often more of a problem in the spring when dogs blow their winter coat. Although you can’t completely stop shedding, there are some ways to…

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